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'BOTS Cleanup List[edit]

  • Issue links
  • remove "none" noise in creator lists
  • property insertion text, once we establish and are using properties regularly

template fixes[edit]

  • infobox display errors when image parameter is incomplete
  • feature_templates - add more parameters for setting colors
  • more showcase templates for various themes and subjects
  • Rogues gallery template
  • equipment/powers template - review and upgrade
  • synopsis template

General Stuff[edit]

  • Until the site is back with us, incorporate the Rocket Articles here? (Check with Kurt and JG first)

publication information - related data[edit]

Need to get the publication information templates in place.

  1. Better layout
  2. label insertions for data (that can be incorporated all over the wiki)
  3. character list (extracted from event lists)
  4. pull story synopses into a section here
  5. revisit the publication order lists - find a way to make the information have more context.
  6. Figure out a method for more interesting information dispersal/presentation of the reprints and trades.
  7. Publications page - shorten - one cover for each publication - keep the full listing page and find a way to incorporate something of that ilk for all the titles (and lets do one for the trades - with current trade-dress and links that show the old cover versions)
  8. Get placeholders in place for all issues published to date (and all cover variants?)
  9. Add link to online letters columns for each issue

Shift policy for mr smartie usage, favor putting on discussion page rather than on the page irself, unless we want the general audience to see it.

CheckList from Mr. Smartie[edit]

Artificial Life FormsArtificial Life Forms
Astro City Municipal HospitalAstro City Municipal Hospital
Building Event Note Cards/Archives1Building Event Note Cards/Archives1
Community portal/archiveCommunity portal/archive
The Confessor (Brian Kinney)The Confessor (Brian Kinney)
Cover AppearancesCover Appearances
The Dark AgeThe Dark Age
Disambiguation pagesDisambiguation pages
Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1 No.5/EventsKurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1 No.5/Events
The Northside CommunitiesThe Northside Communities
Outcault BridgeOutcault Bridge
Quarrel (Jessica Darlene Taggart)Quarrel (Jessica Darlene Taggart)
The End of the TrailThe End of the Trail


  • Update Astra Furst Feature page - incorporate life summary - We've seen Astra grow up - child of ten, graduation and now she is a young adult with a career and all the responsibilities that go with being an adult.
  • Heroes page - still need to fix that logo to say 'Heroes of Astro City'

Spoiler Alerts List[edit]

The OuborThe Oubor

Stubs List[edit]

A Little KnowledgeA Little Knowledge
Adventures in Other WorldsAdventures in Other Worlds
Ashton ColtAshton Colt
Astro City Fire DepartmentAstro City Fire Department
Astro City No.10Astro City No.10
Astro City No.12Astro City No.12
Astro City No.13Astro City No.13
Astro City No.14Astro City No.14
Astro City No.15Astro City No.15
Astro City No.16Astro City No.16
Astro City No.17Astro City No.17
Astro City No.18Astro City No.18
Astro City No.19Astro City No.19
Astro City No.2Astro City No.2
Astro City No.20Astro City No.20
Astro City No.21Astro City No.21
Astro City No.22Astro City No.22
Astro City No.23Astro City No.23
Astro City No.24Astro City No.24
Astro City No.25Astro City No.25
Astro City No.27Astro City No.27
Astro City No.28Astro City No.28
Astro City No.29Astro City No.29
Astro City No.3Astro City No.3
Astro City No.30Astro City No.30
Astro City No.31Astro City No.31
Astro City No.32Astro City No.32
Astro City No.33Astro City No.33
Astro City No.34Astro City No.34
Astro City No.35Astro City No.35
Astro City No.36Astro City No.36
Astro City No.4Astro City No.4
Astro City No.5Astro City No.5
Astro City No.6Astro City No.6
Astro City No.7Astro City No.7
Astro City No.8Astro City No.8
Astro City No.9Astro City No.9
Brian MorgansternBrian Morganstern
Mr. BridwellMr. Bridwell
Carlos AndrianiCarlos Andriani
K.O. CarsonK.O. Carson
The ChoirboysThe Choirboys
Cleopatra (Original)Cleopatra (Original)
Colin O'CarrColin O'Carr
... further results

Simplify event element templates[edit]

  • Move type and subtype to the character page
  • remove type and. Get template down to just onetime late.
  • challenge and simplify even more.

Narrative Voice - todo list[edit]

Added a "Narrator" template for added flexibility when there are multiple narrators.

This also keeps the old narrativevoice content working without changes.

But I have to go back and add the Narrator template(s) in all the issues that warrant its use.

New Features for Main Page[edit]

  • promote new features on issue pages
  • new blood
  • recurring cast
  • Herocopia favorites
  • events