Ben Pullam

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Ben Pullam
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Status: Active
Real Name: Ben Pullam
Base of Operations: Astro City, formerly Boston

Personal Data

Relationships: Faith, Maggie (daughters)
Occupation: Guide to Earth for the Ambassador, information services manager for Hemisphere Insurance (former?)
Civil Status: Divorced


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #1

Astro City #1, 6

Event Timeline


Ben Pullam

In 1996, seeking to put some distance between himself and a messy divorce, Ben Pullam moved to Astro City with his girls. Its... colorful nature was quite a shock to the Bostonian's system.

In 2013, Telseth, Ambassador plenipotentiary of the alien Kvurri, appeared over Astro City, and Ben volunteered to be his guide to Earth's customs and cultures.
We're sure he's glad he moved.


Ben Pullam had been a long-time resident of Boston when he and his wife divorced. This left him left him in bad way. Hoping for a fresh start, to escape all the emotional baggage, he moved to Astro City in 1996 with his young daughters, Faith and Maggie. It seemed an odd choice. Many of his friends warn him about strange and dangerous that city was, what with all the super-heroes and such. Back in Boston, he'd seen the Silversmith in action a few times and once saw the Brahmin, but that was the extent of his brushes with the super-heroic world.

Sure enough, on the very day they moved in to their upscale-neighborhood apartment, a brawl between Samaritan and the Iron Legion landed right outside the family's door. This and various other super-incidents, in particular the demigod, Thunderhead's attack on the whole city, quickly convinced him Astro City was far too dangerous a place for the three of them.

However, through the night of the attack and the morning after, he saw first-hand the heroism of the superheroes and the altruism this in turn inspired in the regular people. Ben realized Astro City was exactly the sort of place he wanted to raise his daughters. ("Welcome to Astro City")


The years passed. Ben, an information services manager for Hemisphere Insurance, created a lucrative app that helped plan traffic routes to avoid -- or seek out, as tourists well realized -- super-hero/villain skirmishes in the Astro City metro area. His daughters grew up and moved out; Maggie became a meeting planner for charity organizations, Faith went to Stanford to study Arcanobiology.

By 2013, without daughters to support, Ben found himself unsure what to do with his life. When the alien Ambassador came to Earth, Ben and a visiting Faith and Maggie went to witness him up close. When the Ambassador announced his need for an aide to teach him humanity's ways, Ben realized this was just the new challenge he sought and volunteered for the role. ("Through Open Doors (Part One)")