Cammie Aarons

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Cammie Aarons
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Status: Assumed alive and well
Real Name: Camilla Aarons

Personal Data

Aliases: Cammie
Date of Birth: 1990
Height: (at 13) 5’2”
Weight: (at 13) 99 lbs
Hair: dark brown-black


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Local Heroes #3

Event Timeline


Cammie, a teenage girl from Astro City, spends what promises to be a miserable summer in the small town of Caplinville with her aunt, uncle and cousins. While there, she discovers that there may be more to country life than she expects. Much more...


Her summer visit happened in 2003. Cammie had just turned 13 Years old. At the very beginning of her journey to Caplinville from Astro City, she was instantly homesick. She didn't want to leave her friends, and she certainly didn't want to visit a totally-nothing-happening hick town buried in the rural landscape of Nowhere, USA. Bad enough she was visiting relatives she barely knew, but to spend her whole summer there? What were her parents thinking?

Upon her arrival, she continued her dislike of Caplinville and its residents. They all seemed strange, way too friendly, and creepy. Even though she had never met any of them, they all knew who she was. Even worse, her cousins' country farmhouse only had one phone line, which severely limited her ability to communicate via the internet with the "real" world back in Astro City.

Eventually she started warming up a bit as she learn more about the culture of the area and the people. On one afternoon visit into town, she discovered that Caplinville had its own superhero, a character by the name of Roustabout. Incredibly, beside all his super-hero powers, he knew the names of most of the locals, even her cousins! Hiding her shock and even a bit of jealousy, she took a rather neutral attitude towards him, feeling he couldn't even muster a "B" rating compared to the super-hero talent patrolling the streets of Astro City.



Over time, and lots of reflection, the visit with her cousins did have an impact on Cammie. It proved to be a Rite of Passage type growth experience for her. What changed her thinking and attitudes? For starters, she gained a perspective on the locals, including their local hero, Roustabout. She even spent some of her precious online time researching him on the internet. But her main growth revolved around personal relationships, especially with her family.