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Work in Progress!

The Energy of Life portion of these event markers is for lack of a better explanation, a time and space that exists outside the boundaries of the standard, normal space and time that we think of as the standard sequential movement of space through normal time. To date only Samaritan and the Infidel have crossed into it, used it to effect the normal timeline, or to reset it. It has no normal concept of a moment in time, each is an individual event that exist in a sequence relative to other individual events that happened. They can and do impact normal time space continuity, usually with enormous impact. As such, they are tagged with a numerical value that allows them to be sorted in relationship to each other.

Energy of Life(EOL) Timeline[edit]

From: E's To: EP[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Infidel Steps Beyond Reality to Observe How Samaritan Changes the FutureEOL-3.0Flashback
Samaritan Attacks Infidel Following Infidel's Tinkering With the Cuban Missle CrisisEOL-4.0Flashback
Samaritan Rescues A Young Woman Who was Treated With Appalling Disrespect and Abuse by InfidelEOL-5.0Flashback
Samaritan and Infidel Battle For Control of the Reality Timestream RepeatedlyEOL-6.0Flashback
Samaritan and Infidel Form a Truce on the Plains of GethEOL-7.0Flashback

From: 0000's To: 1800[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Young Kiyu's Path to Wizardry11??/??/??Flashback
Kiyu Adopts the Name Infidel11??/??/?? ++Flashback

From: 1800's To: 1850[edit]

From: 1850's To: 1900[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Earliest Heroes and Their Legends1850sCaption
Romeyn Falls Incorporates as a Town1852Caption
Railroad Comes to Astro City1860sCaption
Cardinal Grandenetti's Arrival1869Caption
Jeremiah Parrish is tempted by a Vampire1869/??/??.2Flashback
Former Slave Hiram Baker Breaks Ground on His New Farm1870sCaption
Slaughterhouse District Burned1887Caption

From: 1900's To: 1940[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Another Daring High Society Robbery1900?/??/??Headline
Dame Progress Pursues Mister Cakewalk Following the Theft of the Star of Lahkimpur1900sFlashback
'Air Ace' Battles Flying Gunman; City Is Safe1919/??/??Headline
'Air Ace' Battles The Barnstormer Gang on a Monday not a Sunday1919/??/??Comment
Jeremiah Parrish witnesses the early adventures of Air Ace in Romeyn Falls1920Flashback
The Blasphemy Boys Are Attacked By Batrachi In the Sewers of Baltimore1931Flashback

From: 1940's To: 1950[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Mayor Greenwald Takes An Unexpected Journey Into Near-Space1942Current
Time-Keeper Robs First National Bank1943Current
Astro-naut Captures Ersatz Ed1943Headline
Blackout Bandits Foiled by All-American and Slugger1943News broadcast
Time-Keeper Plots Scheme to Eradicate All Superheroes1943Current
Time-Keeper Encounters Eterneon1943Current
Japan Surrenders1945/08/15Headline
Professor Borzoi's Belief Ray Inadvertantly Brings Loony Leo to Life1946Flashback
Goodbye Romeyn Falls, Hello Astro City!1947/??/??Headline
Young Carl Donewicz(Steeljack) and his mom spot Starwoman flying over the rooftops of Astro City1948Flashback

From: 1950's To: 1960[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Jeremiah Parrish rejoins the human race with new purpose in his life as the Confessor1950Flashback
Rivalry Between The Furst Family and Kratorr Begins1954Dialog
Kiddie TV Star Involved in Teenybopper Drug Death1957/02/07Headline
Loony Leo Becomes a Recluse For Six Years1958Flashback
The Formation of Honor Guard1959Dialog
Pyramid attempts to kidnap the Mercury Astronauts1959Caption
Honor Guard early battles1959Caption
Black Badge battles Stone Gang1959Dialog
Trolley Delayed By Shark1959/09/??Headline
Charles Williams helps himself to some "free" fruit1959/10/14Current
Honor Guard's First Big Clash with Pyramid1959/10/14Current
The Williams brothers encounter the Black Badge1959/10/14Current
The Williams Family sit down to an evening supper1959/10/14Current

From: 1960's To: 1970[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Adoption of Nick and Natalie Furst1961Caption
Incidents leading to the origin of Atomicus1961/04Flashback
Atomicus Saves Missile Scientists1961/04/07Headline
Infidel Changes the Outcome of the Cuban Missle Crisis1962/10/?? ++Flashback
Zzardo Meets a Reclusive Loony Leo1964Flashback
Honor Guard's Near Fatal Encounter With the Myth-Master1964Flashback
Bizarre Clown Saves Hostages1964/06/16Headline
The Death of Supersonic in 19661966Flashback
Bank of Astro City is Robbed by the Doppel Gang1967/04/26Flashback
Beautie Rescues Joanie Wheaton From Would Be Kidnappers1969/09/09Flashback
'Beautie' Saves Heiress1969/09/10Headline
El Hombre joins Honor Guard196?Flashback
Atomicus Saves Ike196?/??/??Headline

From: 1970's To: 1980[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Honor Guard Defends Washington DC from the Toymaker and His Diabolical Toys1970/0?/??Flashback
Beautie Becomes a Member of Honor Guard1970/0?/??Flashback
The Death of Dr. Gearbox1971/04/30Files
The Arrest of Julius Furst for Selling Nuclear Secrets to the Kardonese1971/08/06Flashback
Honor Guard Breaks The L.S.Deviant's Tropogenic Field1972/09/27-28TVreport
Old Soldier Rumored to Have Stood Against American Troops in Vietnam1972/10/10Caption
Charles Williams Ponders Details of Mad Maharajah's Murder By the Silver Agent1973/02/27Current
Blue Knight Had Begun Carving a Swath Through the Underworld1974/08Caption
Vince Oleck was a Young Associate at Grant- Miller-Healy-Valada1974/08/16Caption
The Trial of Richie Forgione1974/08/16Flashback
VInce Oleck Commutes to Courthouse For First Day of Forgione Trial1974/08/16Flashback
Knight Kills Again1974/08/16Headline
Vince Oleck "The Silver Agent was Dead"1974/08/16Caption
Vince Oleck Takes His Family to the Park1974/08/18Current
Parade of Witnesses in Forgione Case1974/08/19Headline
Seeking Stress Relief From Forgione Trial, Vince Oleck Watches Evening News1974/08/19Current
Andrones Attempt Kidnapping of Senator Everett1974/08/19TVreport
Street Angel Captures Brainfever1974/08/19TVreport
Omnius Rex is Neutralized by Starfighter1977Caption
First Family To City: Good-Bye!197?/??/??Headline

From: 1980's To: 1990[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Ms. Ellie's memory flashback to a battle between Vivi Viktor against Mirage and The Point Man1980Flashback
Kerresh the Devaster Pronounces Doom on All of Earth1982Current
Omega Rangers Join the Battle Against Kerresh the Devaster1982Current
Kerresh the Devaster Materializes in Downtown Astro City1982Current
The Omega Rangers are Formed1982Dialog
Starfighter Battles His Evil Doppelganger1982/04Current
Daring E.A.G.L.E. Raid on Pyramid Bases1982/04/13Headline
Silver Agent's Appointed Arrival at Romeyn Falls1982/05/03Current
Jessica Taggart Makes Her First Appearance as Quarrel1984Flashback
Quarrel "Collars" Her First Criminal1984Flashback
Samaritan is Swept Back in Time to 19851985Flashback
Zyxometer Triggers Alarm Warning of Challenger Disaster1986/01/28Flashback
Caped "Samaritan" Saves Challenger1986/01/28Headline
Rex & Natalie It's A Girl!1986/07/08Headline
Quarrel Battles the Chronarch1988Dialog
Pete Donacek Takes a Walk Down the Wrong Alley1989Flashback
Jack's Back1989/05/04Headline

From: 1990's To: 2000[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
The Destructiods Rampage Across Astro City1991Flashback
Thunderhead destroys Draketown Alaska1995Dialog
Harlow Blocks Evacuated After Warpitron1995/09/06Headline
Crackerjack rescues Mr. Bridwell from a boarding house fire1995/12/12Current
Crackerjack Catches Steel Devil Robbing an ATM Kiosk1995/12/12Current
Techsperts Hitting Museums Again1995/12/12Current
Crackerjack Captures Possible Criminals1995/12/12Current
Crackerjack Passes Jack-In-The-Box On Patrol1995/12/12Current
Mr. Bridwell's Twittering Neighbors Interviewed by News Media1995/12/12Current
Mr. Bridwell Watches an Encounter Between One of the Scavenger People and the Irregulars1995/12/12Current
Mr. Bridwell Reading Astro City Rocket at Newsstand1995/12/12Current
Entries in Mr. Bridwell's Computer1995/12/12Current
Honor Guard Captures the Conquerlord1996News broadcast
Michael Tenicek Ponders His Dreams at a Busstop1996Current
Hanged Man Explains a Mystery to a Man Troubled By His Dreams1996Current
Beautie Takes Down Goldenboy in San Francisco1996/01Current
Rex and Natalie Call in Reinforcements1996/01Current
Samaritan Goes On An Prearranged Blind Date With Winged Victory1996/01Current
Tornado Threatening Topeka1996/01Dialog
Security Heist Astro City Stock Exchange1996/01Dialog
Wotan, The Armored Giant, Demanding Tribute in Chicago1996/01Dialog
M.P.H. Prevents the Theft of an Experimental Vehicle1996/01Current
An Avalance In Montana1996/01Current
Samaritan and Winged Victory Move Their Date to a Beefy Bob's1996/01Current
Angered by Samaritan's Comments, Winged Victory Flys to Top of AstroBank Tower1996/01Current
During Thunderhead's 'Tantrum' in Astro City, Jack-in-the-Box stops a pair of looters.1996/09Current
During Thunderhead's Epic Tantrum, the Hanged Man guards Shadow Hill.1996/09Current
Nightingale and Sunbird stop Otter from stealing from the AstroBank1996/09Current
Thunderhead has a Tantrum in Astro City, Cleopatra saves an old man from falling to his death1996/09Current
Samaritan defeats the Iron Legion1996/09Current
Pullam Family Goes Sightseeing in Astro City1996/09Current
Heroes of Astro City battle Thunderhead1996/09Current
Furst Family Visit Monstro City in Search of Astra1996/11Current
Clash between Dr. Saturday and Crackerjack1997Dialog
Astrobank: Mystery Robbery!1997/06/18Headline
The Confessor(Jeremiah Parrish) shares his origin and darkest secrets with Altar Boy1997/07Current
Honor Guard battle an alien scout ship(assumed to be Enelsian) orbiting Earth1997/07Current
Junkman Captured1997/11/20Headline
The Fog Robs Astro Bank1998Current
Strangematter Slices Outcault Bridge in Half1998Current
Longhorn Attacks Electrical Substation1998Current
Glue-Gun Robs Brokerage House1998Current
Smoke & Mirrors Cast Huge Fire Illusion That Engulfs Astro City1998Current
Unholy Alliance in Detroit1998Current
The Mechanimator and The First Family Clash in St. Louis1998Current
Skrek Recounts the Trenchers Invasion of Monstro City199?Flashback
Aliens Routed By Honor Guard19??Headline
Who Are The Experimentals19??Headline
Darklings Crushed by Sunhawk and Nightingale19??/??/??Headline

From: 2000's To: 2010[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Ms. Ellie in her workshop repairing the robot that would become Arthur2000Flashback
Armageddon Attempts the Destruction of all Reality2000Flashback
Ms. Ellie rescues several damaged Cyberwings2000Flashback
Taping Exterior Scene for TV Series "Tomorrow's Dawn"2000/??Curent
King Missile's Attempt to Wreck F.B.U. Stadium Causes Collateral Damage to Drake Towers2001/01/??Flashback
Fireman Arnold Prentice Loses His Leg in a Rescue Operation2001/??/??Dialog
We(Astra and Skysweeper) went out together...2002Dialog
Alien Conqueror Captured in Suburbs2002/12/17Headline
A Young Boy Seeks Understanding from Fireman Arnold Prentice2002/??/??Current
Classic Hotel Doorman Greets Newcomers2003Current
Sweet Adelines Rob Sprang Museum2003Current
East Coast Crime Families Meet With Demolitia and Slamburger2003Current
Irregulars are Recovered From the Gaines River2003Current
Winged Victory Tears Into Group that Attack Abortion Clinic2003Current
Crossbreed Find Missing Children From Rosenberger Junior High2003Current
Samaritan in Combat with Tentacus2003Current
Cammie, a Teenager From Astro City, Travels to Caplinville to Visit Family2003/06Current
Vince Oleck prepares for Work2003/12Current
Danielle in the Hospital Recovering From a Broken Arm2004/10Current
Danielle Takes a Tour of the Silver Brain's Abandoned Lab2004/10Current
Omnius Rex/Danielle Battles Honor Guard2004/10Current
Matt Zimmer has a flashback to the day he first met Astra2008Flashback
After Matt's Departure From the Gordian Knot, Astra Contemplates Her Future2009Current
Astra and Matt Bump Into Gavrad Within the Gordian Knot2009Current
Astra and Matt Visit Reklak-42009Current
Astra and Matt Enter the Caldera(Gordian Knot's Nucleus)2009Current
Graduation Gift from Madame Majestrix2009/05Current
Graduation visit from Jason Szolda(SkySweeper)2009/05Current
Skysweeper discusses Reflex 6 Membership Plans2009/05Dialog
Matt and Astra teleport to First Family HQ2009/05Current
In the Transitions Chamber, Astra and Matt prepare for their visit to "The Knot"2009/05Current
Astra and Matt Arrive at the Gordian Knot2009/05Current
Astra's Graduation Night Celebrations at Mythos Dance Club2009/05Current

From: 2010's To: 2020[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
Silver Adept Active In A.C.?2012/??/??Headline
Raitha McCann Indulges in a Memory About Her Time in Canada2012?Flashback
Broken Man Warns Us of the Oubor2013/06Current
Heroes of Astro City Attempt to Open the Doors En Masse2013/06Current
Iron Legion Make a Commando Strike on Ellsworth Museum2013/06Current
American Chibi Knocks on the Doors2013/06Current
Broken Man Confides Why He Can't Use Certain People to Find Out About the Doors2013/06Current
Magda's Heightened Tech-skills Infiltrate Majordomo's Flying Fortress2013/09Current
A Glimpse At The Broken Man's Wall2013/10Current
Honor Guard Stops Lord Volcanus' Plot to Conquer the Surface World2013/??/??Current
Mail Arrives at Silver Adept's Home2014/06Current
Silver Adept is Out of Touch in the Orb of Stillness2014/06Current
Raitha and Silver Adept Communicate Via the Aethernet2014/06Dialog
The Borders of the Rift are Under Attack2014/06Current
Raitha's Plan to Use the Orb to Fix Silver Adept's Schedule2014/06Current
The Stone Sea Mages Come Calling2014/06Current
Silver Adept Attends the Himalayan Convocation2014/06Current
Raitha McCann Begins Her Workday2014/06Current
A Back Door Spell Serves as a Mystic Teleportation Method2014/06Current
Ms. Ellie, the curator/owner of the Robot Museum perpares visitors for a tour2014/08Current
Reflex 6 Uncover a Squad of Kontrollers in Minneapolis2014/08Current
Ms. Ellie Unearthing a Battletoon2014/08Dialog
Rover Is A Conscious Entity2014/08Current
Ms. Ellie's nephew, Fred, makes an unannounced and mysterious visit to the Robot Museum2014/08Current
Honor Guard's Meeting Room hosts Red Cake Day2014/11Current
Quarrel Inspects New Costume Upgrades at N.R.Gistics, Inc.2015/03Current
Sticks is Lost in Thought Atop Astro Bank Tower2015/04Current
Someone Reanimated the Destructiods2015/08Current
Final Day of Hive School2015/11Current

From: 2020's To: 9990[edit]

Event NameEventDateEventType
The Person That Would Become Samaritan is Born3400Flashforward
Samaritan Makes a Return Visit to the 35th Century3400Flashforward
Infidel Builds What He Thinks is His Final Citidal in the 36th Century35??/??/?? +Flashforward
Samaritan's Actions Pulls Infidel's Timeline Out of Reality35??/??/?? ++Flashforward

From: 9990's To: 10000[edit]