Major Events By Decade

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From: 0000's To: 1800

From: 1800's To: 1850

From: 1850's To: 1900

Event NameEventDateEventTypePriority
Romeyn Falls Incorporates as a Town1852CaptionMajor
Jeremiah Parrish is tempted by a Vampire1869/??/??.2FlashbackMajor

From: 1900's To: 1940

Event NameEventDateEventTypePriority
Dame Progress Pursues Mister Cakewalk Following the Theft of the Star of Lahkimpur1900sFlashbackMajor
'Air Ace' Battles Flying Gunman; City Is Safe1919/??/??HeadlineMajor
Joseph Greenwald Meets Roy Vigil(Astro-Naut)1936FlashbackMajor

From: 1940's To: 1950

Event NameEventDateEventTypePriority
Time-Keeper Encounters Eterneon1943CurrentMajor
Professor Borzoi's Belief Ray Inadvertantly Brings Loony Leo to Life1946FlashbackMajor
Goodbye Romeyn Falls, Hello Astro City!1947/??/??HeadlineMajor
Mayor Greenwood Details How Romeyn Falls was Re-christened Astro City1947/??/??CommentMajor

From: 1950's To: 1960

Event NameEventDateEventTypePriority
Jeremiah Parrish rejoins the human race with new purpose in his life as the Confessor1950FlashbackMajor
The Formation of Honor Guard1959DialogMajor
Honor Guard's First Big Clash with Pyramid1959/10/14CurrentMajor
The Williams brothers encounter the Black Badge1959/10/14CurrentMajor

From: 1960's To: 1970

Event NameEventDateEventTypePriority
Adoption of Nick and Natalie Furst1961CaptionMajor
El Hombre joins Honor Guard196?FlashbackMajor

From: 1970's To: 1980

Event NameEventDateEventTypePriority
Beautie Becomes a Member of Honor Guard1970/0?/??FlashbackMajor
First Family To City: Good-Bye!197?/??/??HeadlineMajor

From: 1980's To: 1990

Event NameEventDateEventTypePriority
Ms. Ellie's memory flashback to a battle between Vivi Viktor against Mirage and The Point Man1980FlashbackMajor
Kerresh the Devaster Pronounces Doom on All of Earth1982CurrentMajor
The Omega Rangers are Formed1982DialogMajor
Silver Agent's Appointed Arrival at Romeyn Falls1982/05/03CurrentMajor
Jessica Taggart Makes Her First Appearance as Quarrel1984FlashbackMajor
Samaritan is Swept Back in Time to 19851985FlashbackMajor
Zyxometer Triggers Alarm Warning of Challenger Disaster1986/01/28FlashbackMajor
Caped "Samaritan" Saves Challenger1986/01/28HeadlineMajor
Rex & Natalie It's A Girl!1986/07/08HeadlineMajor
Jack's Back1989/05/04HeadlineMajor

From: 1990's To: 2000

Event NameEventDateEventTypePriority
Samaritan Goes On a Prearranged Blind Date With Winged Victory1996/01CurrentMajor
Heroes of Astro City battle Thunderhead1996/09CurrentMajor

From: 2000's To: 2010

Event NameEventDateEventTypePriority
Armageddon Attempts the Destruction of all Reality2000FlashbackMajor
Astra's Graduation Night Celebrations at Mythos Dance Club2009/05CurrentMajor

From: 2010's To: 2020

From: 2020's To: 2030

From: 2030's To: 9990