Raitha McCann

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Raitha McCann
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Status: Active
Real Name: Raitha McCann
Earliest Appearance: <in world date>
Origin: <issue(s)>
Affiliation: Silver Adept
Base of Operations: Astro City

Personal Data

Occupation: Sorcerer's Assistant
Hair: Brown


Headlines: <in world date and Headline>
Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #11

Event Timeline


Raitha McCann

Raitha McCann is an employee--the personal assistant--of the Silver Adept, where she helps take care of the Adept's communications, meeting scheduling and rescheduling, and even occasional duties as a mediator herself.


Raitha has worked for the Silver Adept since she was housed on Vancouver Island, outside Victoria, and she often longs for the "more manageable" nature of the job back then, where she had time for meditation, pottery, and other activities. However, she does admit to herself that Astro City has far more cultural offerings accessible than did their previous base of operations.

Raitha often works in the brownstone's backyard, which is really located in some extraterrestrial space via the building's back door; Raitha often thinks of this space, what Orn has described as "an offshoot of the fields of Allatar," as being in Canada, since she initially stepped into these fields when in Canada.

On one particularly full day at work, Raitha (among performing other tasks) made sure that the Adept was in the Himalays for a convocation; checked the Anunciations of W to settle a dispute; dealt with delivery in the mail of goblin eggs; routed the Adept through the Black Paths, and then through the Willoways and Strathclyde, in order to find her a path home, as part of an effort to carve out some much-needed preparation time for her employer. This time was gained by Raitha via a bargain with Lord Colquhoun, who had contacted Raitha in search of the Adept's assistance.

Unfortunately, just as Raitha seemed to have the day's duties under control, the unexpected arrival of the Stone Sea Mages--the Nightflying Lord, the Queen of Dust and Decay, and Tumorr--as the Silver Adept forgot to write down their appointment in her planner, forced Raitha to defuse a tense situation where her guests sought the newly born, but impossible to locate, Ar-Mang. Desperately looking for information on the Ar-Mang that might help with the immediate crisis, Raitha opened the previous day's mail, bringing the guests a key-like object (in fact, the Key of Mang), which seemed to be precisely what they needed. As they left, the trio promised to reward the Adept and her crew.

Not long afterward, the Adept returned from her time spent in a null dimension crafting a set of guardian ritual texts for an upcoming collegium ritual. After Raitha reminded her employer about the importance of recording appointment times and dates in her planner, the Stone Sea Mages' reward arrived--a Tranquility Frog intended to assist the Adept with her work. After finding a space for the frog, Raitha and the Adept collaboratively went through the day's remaining email before Raitha left for the evening to attend her art group's gallery show, hopeful that her employer and friend might show up so that they could enjoy some good sushi together.



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