Samaritan Cases and Adventures

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The exploits and adventures of Samaritan. Also see: Honor Guard Cases and Adventures (1991?-present) for his cases and involvement with the group.

35th Century

  • Agrees to be the person to travel back in time to help prevent the wasteland Earth has become. The journey through time exposes him to the Empyrean Fire, granting him great powers and abilities, and lands him at his destination...


January 28:

  • Saves the Challenger from exploding in his public debut.


August 8:

  • Stopped a tsunami in the Philippines.
  • Thwarted a Pyramid assassination attempt in Turkey.
  • Dealt with a chronal rift out of Stuttgart.
  • Stops a runaway bus in mid-town.
  • Thwarted Dr. Saturday's attack on Denver City Hall.
  • Dealt with giant single-celled organisms on the loose at Fox-Broome University.
  • Took part in an Honor Guard meeting and with the group broke up a robbery by the Menagerie Gang.
  • Stopped a Biro Island jailbreak.
  • Helped raise the Sea Blaze, a ship sunk of the coast of Florida in 1665 for the Maritime Museum.
  • Rescued a kitten out of a tree.
  • Rescued the mayor of Boston from kidnapping and saves people from a crumbling building.
  • Attends an banquet by the Astro City Firefighters Association and gets a plaque from them. During the dinner, excuses himself twice to deal with crises.
  • Defeated The Living Nightmare and had to do damage control after the fight.






  • Rescued a bus full of third graders.

Late July:

August 4:

  • Helps The Unclean defeat a bunch of rat-like creatures in New Delhi.

Late September/Early October:



  • Was searching in Chicago for escaped supervillain Steeljack.










July 4:


Unknown Dates

  • Sometime prior to October of 1996, tossed the Silver Brain into the Mento-verse.
  • Defeated and thought to have destroyed the Chessmen armor. Prior to 1998.
  • During the Forgotten Time Crisis, was at some point unmade and disappeared from the timestream.
  • Has fought with his arch-enemy Infidel many times over the course of various timestreams in his attempt to rule our world. After destroying the world entire, they eventually came to a hard truce and realization that they can never destroy the other.