Shadow Hill

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Mr. Smartie Notes: this page is a recovery operation, consisting of cut-and-paste notes from an internet archive site, most likely the WayBack Machine. It needs formatting to the new character templates, and other fix-ups.

Settled in the 1800s by Eastern European immigrants, Shadow Hill is one of Astro City's many ethnic neighborhoods, though with a darker reputation; it is also home to the night creatures and other occult beings that came along with the immigrants.

Shadow Hill is heaven for any visitor who likes charming (or cluttered!) curiosity shops, spicy pirogues or fresh, flavorful itafses just out of the oven. Night fall early here, though, and Shadow Hill’s mystic and mysterious reputation keeps most non-residents away after dusk. Brave souls venture up at dawn, to catch the Hanged Man, the Hill’s eldritch guardian, wrapping up his nightly rounds.