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|height        = x’x”
|height        = x’x”
|weight        = xx lbs
|weight        = xx lbs
|eyes          =  
|eyes          = silver
|hair          = yellow
|hair          = silver
|appearances  = {{AC}} #1, 5
|appearances  =  

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Status: Retired
Real Name: Carl Donewicz
Affiliation: The Terrifying Three
Base of Operations: Astro City in the Kiefer Square area
Range of Operations: Late 1960's, possibly early 1970's

Personal Data

Aliases: ?
Height: x’x”
Weight: xx lbs
Eyes: silver
Hair: silver


Event Timeline




Carl "Carlie" Donewicz was a young boy growing up in the Kiefer Square section of Astro City when he started to run with gangs. You had to in that part of town, or you ended up in a world of hurt. Carl wanted out, and studied as best he could in order to make it out, but it didn't work.

After a fight in which he killed a boy, Carl went a little crazy, committing an assortment of violent crimes. At this point, he first heard about Dr. Ganss, who could turn people into superhumans, and managed to get an interview. After being told he was acceptable, Carl was placed in a tank, and emerged as the "Steel-jacketed Man." Trying to pay back Ganss (and Donnelly Ferguson, who had gotten him the appointment in the first place), Carl entered into the world of the "black masks" (a.k.a. "super villains").

Although he had some moderate success, Carl ended up in and out of prison, and spent a good twenty years in Biro Island Correctional Facility, finally being released around the end of the millennium. Upon release, he vowed to stay out of jail and go straight, which proved to be difficult due to his reputation and distinctive likeness.


Every inch of Steeljack's skin and even hair is made of an incredibly resiliant variety of steel; even by super-being standards, he is highly durable. Like regular human skin, this steel skin does regenerate from injury. Furthermore, Steeljack is super-strong.