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  • This template produces the main sections of a character page and should be used as the starting point for editing any new character page on Herocopia.
  • When editing a character page for the first time, copy-and-paste the base text from the syntax box directly below. It should follow the character infobox2 template. These two templates are the core foundation for any character page, and constitute well over 90% of the content you want to edit.
  • Then fill in the parameters with data and information as best you can for the character you are working on.
  • Existing pages should already have a call to this template installed. If not, please add one and work from it going forward.
  • A sample of a typical character page, with most of the parameters filled in is shown below. You can also open up a current page for editing and examine how it uses this template.


{{character page
|intro        = 
<put text here>

|history      = 
<put text here>

|powers       = 
<put text here>

|equipment    = 
<put text here>

|observations =
<put text here>

|speculations =
<put text here>

|timelines    =
<put text here>

|footnotes    =
<put text here>


  • Keeping any section parameter blank will result in an empty display for that section. Even the section title will not display.
  • Thus, all sections are optional, although things might format a bit awkwardly without an intro sections so we strongly suggest you include that at a minimum.
  • You can add additional sections if they seem appropriate. We do suggest you open a topic in the discussion tab for the page if you have any questions.

Sample output

Character page/doc

Rex is a reptilian super-being, possessing a hard exterior body structure and tremendous strength. He is the son of Madame Majestrix, one of the greatest enemies of the First Family and the Queen of Monstro City. Rex is married to Natalie Furst and father of Astra Furst. Rex is a prince of Monstro City.



Mr. Smartie Notes: review scenes from Dark Ages, Astra Specials for more information to add here

Marriage occurred in 1979, exact date not disclosed. Location of marriage not disclosed either, but the one panel showing the wedding ceremony suggests that it might be the First Family's Headquarters, Mount Kirby. His in-laws, Julius Furst and Augustus Furst are recognized in the background, along with a couple of shrouded figures who are obviously of the same species as Rex. There are other colorful characters, but the shadows keep their identities a pleasant, but frustrating mystery.

Rex is a second generation member of the First Family, but detailed information on when he joined is yet to be published. Based on the family structured of the team, it would be assumed that he was officially linked after marrying Natalie. But it is also easy to assume that he was involved in First Family adventures during his courtship period. How long that might have been is also open to conjecture.

Not much is known about his mother or their emotional relationship with each other. Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol. 2 #2 references a battle that Rex fought against her and alongside the First Family for possession of the Gemension Jewel. The time of that battle is estimated to be in the mid-70s. Shortly after that, a species called the Trenchers invaded, forcing the citizens to flee further into the oceans depths leaving Monstro City abandoned and in ruins. Circa the later half of 1996, Monstro City remained in a state of ruins and abandonment. Its current condition unknown.


Physical traits suggests a city-smart, rough New York Bronx bawdiness. In fact, a certain coarse, direct approach to people and situations has been demonstrated. His approach in battle is fists and muscle. He is a quick-thinking, nor does he hesitate at taking charge and directing the scope of a battle in complex scenarios.

In non-battle situations, other traits can be readily observed. As mentioned earlier, he is a royal family member, and heir-apparent to the throne of Monstro City. So a certain sophistication and upper-class mannerisms should be assumed. On the other hand, his race is a somewhat savage, warrior-based social hierarchy.


His preferred drinking establishment is Bruiser's, and his uncle-in-law, Julius Furst, usually accompanies him there. Given his noble heritage, it is assumed he can dress the part for Butlers as well, but since he can't conceal his identify he rarely if ever attends there.

The naming convention of Western civilization differs from that of Monstro City, and adapting Rex's name to fit it is no precise science. He has alternately been called Rex Zorus, Tyranos Rex, and Rex Majestros, and all three are valid titles.


Typical Character page:
{{Character page
|intro =

|history =

|powers =

|equipment =

|observations =

|speculations =

|timelines =

|footnotes =