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Another Daring High Society Robbery
'Air Ace' Battles Flying Gunman; City Is Safe
Astro-naut Captures Ersatz Ed
Japan Surrenders
Goodbye Romeyn Falls, Hello Astro City!
Kiddie TV Star Involved in Teenybopper Drug Death
Trolley Delayed By Shark
Atomicus Saves Missile Scientists
Bizarre Clown Saves Hostages
'Beautie' Saves Heiress
Atomicus Saves Ike
Knight Kills Again
Parade of Witnesses in Forgione Case
First Family To City: Good-Bye!
Daring E.A.G.L.E. Raid on Pyramid Bases
Caped "Samaritan" Saves Challenger
Rex & Natalie It's A Girl!
Jack's Back
Harlow Blocks Evacuated After Warpitron
Astrobank: Mystery Robbery!
Junkman Captured
Who Are The Experimentals
Aliens Routed By Honor Guard
Darklings Crushed by Sunhawk and Nightingale
Alien Conqueror Captured in Suburbs
Silver Adept Active In A.C.?
Experimentals Save...
Public Disdains Former Hero
Jack-in-the-Box Trapped In Fiery Explosion
Astro-Naut Exposes Fifth Columnists
Flying Fox Rescues Schoolchildren
Aliens Defeated!
Honor Guard Mum on Censure
Commando K Lost Near Pyongyang
Wildenberg Renovation Plans Hit Second Snag
Heroe Hispano Pago Por Robot Asesino
Cleopatra Vs. Gnomicron
Daring E.A.G.L.E. Raid On Pyramid Bases
Final Frontier
Nixon Up 4 Percent
J-Hawks Debut In K.C.
Jack-in-the-Box Captures Brass Monkey
N-Forcer Saves Senate
Max O'Millions Is Hospitalized
Jack-In-The-Box Exposes WhamCo Corruption
Mitchell Controlled Secret G.O.P. Fund
Samaritan Checks Nightmare Rampage

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