The Conquistador's Plot

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The Conquistador's Plot was an intricate plot of the Conquistador in the Fall of 1998, culminating with a series of organized attacks by super villains and small time villains, known as Black Masks, in Astro City as well as other parts of the country.


In the early fall of 1998, there were many "Black Mask" villains from the Kiefer Square neighborhood, starting to turn up dead. The Kiefer Square area was known as a blue collar neighborhood with a lot of blue collar crime; meaning these guys weren't the smartest of criminals, but all dreamed of getting the one big score they could retire from.
With the aid of local "broker" Donnelly Ferguson, the residents and black masks, hire the recently paroled Steeljack to investigate. While not the brightest, he is durable and strong and could survive the attempts on his life the others could not. Steeljack, breaking his parole agreement, takes the case in order to try to help out his fellow strong men and black masks as well as redeem his own name.
Being an investigator wasn't up, Steeljack's alley of expertise, but with the goading of Ferguson, he started the interview process trying to make light some clue that would help him figure out the Black Mask Killer and the reason behind the killings.

Black Masks Involved