The Forgotten Time Crisis

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In 1943 Romeyn Falls, the Time-Keeper was using his creative genius in the temporal sciences, to create technology ahead of his time, for his own selfish gain in criminal activities.

But he soon started running into the same problem; the sheer number of heroes pouring onto the scene in late 1930 and early 1940s Romeyn Falls. The Lamplighter, All-American and Slugger and Astro-Naut among others started to thwart his plans at every turn.
Enraged, The Time-Keeper went to work even harder, until he was able to build a machine to take him into the chronal realm. Attempting to go back and prevent the costumed heroes from being born, he ran afoul of Eterneon, the lord of the chronal realm. Warned to step back, The Time-Keeper forged on into head to head battle with Eterneon, which proved disastrous and shook up the timestream(s).

All sorts of chaos took place, eras collapsed into one another, heroes and places were unmade, and histories changed. The heroes of this world from all eras, from other timelines and other beings, made a last ditch effort in a final battle to undo the damage caused by the Time-Keeper.

In the end they proved successful in restoring the timeline properly, but not perfectly. Small details still didn't get put back to place, but as a whole it's like this crisis never happened. The Hanged Man is one of the few beings that knows this battle even existed. He knows about the tears in reality, and the people that now exist or don't exist, because of one little thing that didn't happen like it originally did. He is the one stuck to touch the tortured souls still affected by this forgotten crisis...