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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' can refer to two different groups:
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|status= Defeated
|debut=Astro City (2013) #2
|baseops= Hidden headquarters in the mountains near Quevachi, Ecuador (shut down)
|rangeops= International
*[[The Skullcrushers (Supervillains)]], a high-tech band of modern pirates, led by "Slaughter Shaw."
|occupation= Pirates
*[[The Skullcrushers (Street Gang)]], a juvenile street gang that [[Steeljack|Carl Donewicz]] belonged to in the 1950s.
{{DEFAULTSORT: Skullcrushers}}
Astro City (2013) #2, 3
{{Character page
|intro =
An organization of modern day pirates led by "Slaughter" Shaw. They use rocket-powered battlesuits and rayguns instead of boats and gunpowder.
|history = The Skullcrusher committed a string of acts of piracy on the Carribean. One of these coincided with [[Honor Guard]]'s fight with [[Kroseth the Invader]], but the superheroes were nevertheless able to spare [[Samaritan]] for a few minutes. He repelled the pirates' attempt on the luxury cruiser ''Sea Princess''. ("[[Welcome to HumanoGlobal]]")
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One member of the Skullcrushers, Padraig Rourke, entered into a relationship with Maria Navarro, a local woman who lived near their hidden base in Ecuador. When he turned physically abusive, Maria's daughter called Honor Guard's [[Emergency Contact Center]]. Not understanding just what Padraig was, the [[Marella Cowper|Center operator]] sent social workers instead of superheroes. Padraig murdered them, and from there it all escalated into out all-out battle between the Skullcrushers, E.A.G.L.E., and Honor Guard. After a period of siege, Honor Guard managed to invade the base. The Skullcrushers were shut down. ("[[Mistakes]]")
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|equipment =
'''Battlesuits''': These flying tanks are armed with guns and forcefield technology.
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The Skullcrushers can refer to two different groups: