Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 No.14

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Story Title: "The Big Lockdown"

Cover Date: April 1998

Cover Price: $2.50

Credits: Kurt Busiek (Writer), Brent Anderson (Pencils), Will Blyberg (Inker), Alex Ross (Cover Art), Alex Sinclair (Colors), Comicraft's John Roshell (Lettering & Design), Ann Huntington Busiek (Managing Editor), Jonathan Peterson (Editor)

Publisher: Homage Comics(Image Comics Imprint)

Appearances: Steeljack*, Starwoman, Winged Victory, Donnelly Ferguson*, The Silver Agent, Dr. Norton Ganss*, Jack-in-the-Box (Jack Johnson), The N-Forcer, Cleopatra I, Samaritan
* denotes first appearance

Mentions: The Scarlet Snake, The Chain, Block & Tackle, The Blue Knight, Handgun

Narrative Voice:



Date of Story: Late October/Early November 1998 over a week and a half or so.

Collected Edition: The Tarnished Angel

Events: This issue's Events & Annotations list.