The Chain

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The Chain
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Status: Deceased
Base of Operations: Kiefer Square

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Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three #1

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The Chain

A small time supervillain who could transform into a body composed entirely of living metal chains.


The Chain lived in Kiefer Square, where he was one of many small time villains with persistent but ever unmet dreams of making it rich. He lived with a boyfriend, who repeatedly tried to convince him that there were less criminal ways to make money through his unique abilities, but he never listened. He was eventually murdered by the Blask Mask Killer.

He had previously worked for the Underlord and was captured by Jack-in-the-Box in 1982.


The Chain's transformed state afforded him great strength and durability. It required neither food nor oxygen. He was also seen using his "arms" as a chain for weapon. However, it was not completely immortal. Inside his body was one central chain. With its destruction, he perished.


He has been referred to as both The Chain and Chain.