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Streets Notes Creator Salute
24th Avenue
Likley near the downtown area.

60th Avenue?/Street?
Somewhere near downtown

Baily Street
Intersects with Moreira near the Boneyard Cemetery in the Kiefer Square area. Being near a church cemetery pushes a nod to the Spectre artist Bernard Baily.

Binderbeck Square
The area where Binderbeck Plaza is located.

Celardo Street
Near Old Town Named after Tarzan comic strip artist John Celardo

Cemetery Street
A street that runs along parallel of the Boneyard Cemetery in the Kiefer Square area.

Chesler Street
A street that leads into Chesler.

Cicero Street
possibly runs from Fass Gardens to Chesler Possibly, being as Samaritan rescued a cat, named after the son from Mutt and Jeff, who later had a spin-off comic strip called Cicero's Cat.

Craig Avenue
Located in the the Neighborhoods of Old Town and Chesler. EC Artist Johnny Craig

Daigh Street
A street likely in the City Center or Old Town area. Fawcett Comics editor Ralph Daigh, with a scene featuring The Gentleman and Professor Borzoi.

DeCarlo Avenue
A street in the Goldwater Heights suburb. Archie Family Artist Dan DeCarlo.

Elias Square
Possibly part of the same area as Elias Street below, or a misprint in a newspaper article. Lee Elias

Elias Street
A street that a subway stop that runs through Old Town to the edge of Chesler. Named after comic artist Lee Elias famous for the Black Cat at Harvey Comics.

Feldstein Avenue
First mentioned Astro City: A Visitor's Guide. Mad Magazine editor Al Feldstein.

Finger Street
Near Bakerville the area and houses a police precinct. Batman co-creator and writer Bill Finger.

Floyd Square
Located in Bakerville.

Forsythe Street
A street in Chesler near Kiefer Square. Possibly referring to cartoonist and Joe Jinks creator Vic Forsythe.

Gavin Werner Square
Likely located in Old Town or District Hill area, but possibly elsewhere. Artist Werner Roth who used the pseudonym Jay Gavin.

Gerard Street
A street in one of the suburban areas. Will-Yum creator Dave Gerard.

Gibson (Street?)
First mentioned in Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #5. Likely located in Chesler. Likely named after The Shadow creator Walter Gibson.

Gonzalez Avenue
Street on which the first Beefy Bob's was opened that intersected with Goodwin Street. Warren and Vampirella artist José González, who worked with Goodwin at Warren Publishing on Vampirella where Beefy Bob's was first used by creator Kurt Busiek in a story.

Goodwin Street
Street on which the first Beefy Bob's was opened that intersected with Gonzalez Avenue. Writer and editor Archie Goodwin who worked with Gonzalez at Warren Publishing on Vampirella where Beefy Bob's was first used by creator Kurt Busiek in a story.

Grandenetti Avenue
Located in Shadow Hill Artist Jerry Grandenetti

Haney Avenue
A street located in or near Chesler. Named after Teen Titans creator and DC Comics writer Bob Haney.

Heck Avenue
A street in the Chesler area. Could possibly be the same as Heck Street. Marvel Silver Age artist Don Heck.

Heck Street
Located in Chesler and intersects with Elias Street. According to the Astro City: A Visitor's Guide there is also a Heck Avenue, which doesn't intersect with Elias. Marvel Silver Age artist Don Heck.

Herriman Street
A street in the Bakerville district. Krazy Kat creator George Herriman.

Holloway Street
Located in Bakerville. Possibly a reference to Elizabeth Holloway Marston, inspiration for and sometimes considered co-creator of Wonder Woman with husband William Moulton Marston.

Iger Square
Near near Old Town and City Center Golden Age artist Jerry Iger.

Kamen Street
Likely in the Chesler and Old Town area. EC Artist Jack Kamen.

Kiefer Street
Runs through Shadow Hill across the Hughes Bridge out of the city to the northeast. Pulp Artist Henry Kiefer

Kirkland (Street?)
A street in the City Center or Old Town area.

Klein Avenue
Inker George Klein

Lopez Street
Near the Bakerville or Gainesville area. First seen in Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #12. DC Comics artist José García-López]?

Maneely Avenue
With a store named Maneely's, it could imply that Maneely family had important status in early Romeyn Falls/Astro City. Atlas/Marvel artist Joe Maneely.

Marvin Avenue
A street in the City Center or Old Town area. First seen in Astro City: The Dark Age Book Three #1.

Moreira Boulevard
Intersects with Baily Street near the Boneyard cemetery in Chesler. Tarzan artist Ruben Moreira.

Museum Row
Located in theCity Center along the edge of Old Town. As the name would suggest, this is where most of the city's museums are located. None

Novick Avenue
Runs through Gibson Hills, Kanewood and into Fass Gardens. Golden and silver age artist Irv Novick.

Paris Court
A street in the wealthy enclave of South Kanewood

Puzo Avenue
The Godfather writer and Superman The Movie screenwriter Mario Puzo.

Rensie Avenue
This street, where traditional kosher butchers and pickle men share space with trendy vintage-clothing shops and used bookstores, divides the northside neighborhoods of Fass Gardens and Derbyfield. Rensie Avenue is also used to reference a neighborhood of Astro City. Rensie, is a pseudonym used by the Spirit creator Will Eisner.

Schaffenberger Avenue
Appears to run through Derbyfield into Kanewood. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane artist Kurt Schaffenberger, being first mentioned in Astro City: Local Heroes #2, which featured similar elements to the antics of Lois Lane of the 1950s.

Schiff Street
Possibly located near the suburban areas, but near Drake Towers. DC Comics editor and writer Jack Schiff.

Sekowsky Street
Possibly the dividing line between City Center and Derbyfield. Also might run into Kanewood and Chesler. Justice League and later Wonder Woman artist Mike Sekowsky.

Stallman Steet
Appears to run from Fass Gardens through Shadow Hill. The Raven artist Manny Stallman.

Starlin (?) Street (?)
Street sign not clearly seen in Astro City: The Dark Age Book One #1, likely in Chesler, Bakerville, Old Town areas. Cosmic writer/artist Jim Starlin if it is indeed the name of the street

Troisfontaines Avenue
Street on which Goscinny's lies on. French comic publisher Georges Troisfontaines.

Veidt Street
Runs through Bakerville and Old Town. Comic book artist Bob Kane, writer Bill Finger and artist Jerry Robinson used stills of Conrad Veidt in The Man Who Laughs as inspiration for the iconic supervillain The Joker.

Viscardi Boulevard
A street that runs through Chesler, likely goes runs from Bakerville through Chesler. DC Comics creator and prominent cover artist Nick Cardy whose last name was Viscardi.

Wallace Street
Wally Wood?

Weisinger Street
Superman editor Mort Weisinger.

Wodehouse Mews
A private gated area near Museum Row. Named for P.G. Wodehouse, a British playwright most notable for creating Jeeves the Butler, as Wodehouse Mews is the street where Butler's is located in Astro City.


Streets Notes Creator Salute
Crosstown Expressway
The expressway that cuts from Shadow Hill through the heart of the city.

Shuster Expressway
An expressway that goes through the Old Town area. Superman Co-creator Joe Shuster.

Westside Highway
A Highway on the outer western and southern area of the Astro City Metro area.


Streets Notes Creator Salute
Calkins Bridge
A bridge that leads from Hartley into Chesler from the east. Buck Rodgers artist Dick Calkins.

Gleason Bridge
A bridge that leads into the District Hill area. Comics publisher Lev Gleason.

Gottfredson Bridge
A two tiered bridge over the Wildenberg River heading southwest out of the city. Mickey Mouse Artist Floyd Gottfredson.

Hughes Bridge
A bridge that comes into Shadow Hill from the northeast. Early comics editor Richard E. Hughes?

Martin Lieber Tunnel
A tunnel that runs into Shadow Hill. The name is likely a play on Stan Lee's real name of Stanley Martin Lieber, but could also serve to reference to Marvel publisher Martin Goodman.

Outcault Bridge
The Outcault Bridge is a towering sight over the Gaines River which comes into Astro City from the northeast and into Bakerville through an interstate highway. The inventor of the modern comic strip, with the Yellow Kid, Richard F. Outcault.