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Investigators Close to Full Recovery

November 21, 1997

The Junkman captured by Jack-in-the-Box during an earlier encounter

ASTRO CITY - Investigators looking into the early August AstroBank robbery report that they're confident the missing cash will soon be recovered. "We've found his tools, we've found his lair, we've cracked his codes," said police detective Harry Tamberlaine. "The money's out there, and we're getting closer to it, trust me. I have a sixth sense about this sort of thing."

The robbery at first stymied police and insurance investigators, until the recent robbery of the First MotorCity Bank in Detroit. Once that was identified as the work of the Junkman, procedures used in that robbery were matched up to evidence from the AstroBank robbery, and answers were uncovered.

"Oh yeah. The Detroit job was definitely his big mistake," said Tamberlaine. "But not his only mistake. When he tried to crack AstroBank again, and Jack-In-The-Box nabbed him, we got a satchel-load of equipment off him, and that led us to his lair, to his escape plans, to all kinds of stuff."

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