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Junkman Captured

November 21, 1997

Hiram Potterstone, a.k.a "The Junkman," reclines in his cell at Biro Island Penitentiary

Criminal's Lair Found in City Dump

ASTRO CITY - The Center for Superhuman Studies at Fox-Broome University reports that Thursday's robbery of the First MotorCity Bank in Detroit and the early August robbery of AstroBank in Astro City are almost assuredly both the work of the same man.

Hiram Potterstone, a.k.a "The Junkman," reclines in his cell at Biro Island Penitentiary

"Oh, absolutely," said statistician James Rivera. "The work was meticulous to the point of obsessive-compulsive behavior, and as far as we can tell, the same methods were used in both break-ins. And since we know it was the Junkman in Detroit, we can state with a high degree of certainty that it was him in Astro City as well."

The Junkman thwarted MPH's attempt at capture in Detroit earlier this year.

The Junkman, an elderly criminal who uses broken or discarded objects, which he rebuilds and reconditions into weapons, has been plaguing authorities worldwide since 1977. Implicated in over 175 crimes, he has only been captured four times, and has served less than eight months in jail.

Authorities, including Detroit hero and Honor Guard member M.P.H., were alerted to the Junkman's presence in the MotorCity bank when one of the criminal mastermind's devices failed, triggering an alarm. "That's something we see in a lot of these fellows," said Rivera. "They knock themselves out planning a caper down to the last detail, but some tiny factor — a loose wire, a cracked housing — escapes their notice, and that closes them down. I won't be surprised if the Junkman is brought in very soon. His need to fail is showing."


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