The Junkman

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The Junkman
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Status: Presumed Retired and Likely Deceased
Real Name: Hiram Potterstone
Earliest Appearance: 1977
Origin: Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #10

Personal Data

Civil Status: Widowed


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #10

Event Timeline

1997/06/18     Headline

1997/11/20     Headline


The Junkman

Angered and frustrated when he was forced into early retirement, Hiram Potterstone shifted his incredible skills as an inventor and engineer down a path of crime as a means to stay productive and profitable. His main opponent is Jack-in-the-Box, who, ironically, is also an engineer and inventor.


The Junkman pulled off the greatest heist Astro City ever known. On June 18, 1997, he managed to rob the main AstroBank branch without a trace of the authorities knowing who committed the crime, while making off with almost seven million dollars in cash. The Junkman's life of crime was spurred on by a forced early retirement in the late 1970s from his company EdgeCo and subsequent dismissals of attempts to find employment at other companies. Even into his 80's he still proved his mind and abilities were still of a use to society. While he's been implicated in over 175 crimes, he's only been caught four or five times and been jailed less than eight months.
Living the high life around at first brought Potterstone, great relaxation, until the fact that the world continued going. No one knew about his spectacular feat of the Great AstroBank robbery yet the world continued to marvel at the deeds and exploits of superheroes, which only enraged Potterstone further and led him back to his life as the Junkman.
Soon after, he stepped back into the spotlight with a partially successful robbery of a bank in Detroit, outfoxing M.P.H. and being stopped from robbing a jewelry store in New Orleans by the Black Rapier. As these open seemingly careless attempts put him back into the spotlight, it soon led many to figure out he was the one behind the original AstroBank robbery.
His undoing came on November 20, 1997 when he attempted to re-rob the AstroBank Tower with the same plan five months to the day. Jack-in-the-Box was ready for him and with his speed and agility, outmaneuvered the Junkman.
Investigators, were able to find his bases and plans and thought they had everything figured out but why he would come back when he had been away scot-free? With a tape bomb in place in the courtroom and without them finding his money, they never understood it was to "show 'em all."


Tremendously clever in mechanical, electronic and other diverse technologies, he uses his inventions, made from recycled junk, to do pretty much everything.

Weapons and Accessories

Some of the inventions the Junkman has used in the past are:

-Pseudo-Gravity inducers in toy soldiers, who fired a charge that disrupted camera and electronic surveillance equipement.
-A modified hair dryer, that allows him to bypass locks.
-Anti-gravity boots that allow him to hover above the ground.
-An x-ray device, able to delineate the insides of a safe lock, made from an Etch-a-Sketch.
-A child's See and Say toy made into a computer communication system.
-Rocket pack that enables flight, made from a vacuum cleaner, with an ironing board for the wings.
-Static adhesion marbles that multiply.
-Whirliblade pistols.

-Computer powered by a mouse running a treadmill.

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