Lord Saampa

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Lord Saampa
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Real Name: Benjamin Naparski
Earliest Appearance: 1947
Base of Operations: Valley of the Naji, near Lahkimpur, India

Personal Data

Aliases: The Serpent's Tongue


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #5

Event Timeline


To his followers and the outside world, he was Lord Saampa, the Serpent's Tongue. He was the vessel through which an ancient snake god voiced and enacted its bloodthirsty agenda. To himself, he was Benjamin Naparski, a military paratrooper out of Chicago, and he was pulling one of the most audacious con jobs in history.


Benjamin Naparski was lost on a paratroop mission in 1945. The circumstances of the incident are unknown, as are what happened immediately afterwards. Yet somehow, he assumed the identity of Lord Saampa, an evil cult leader. This position provided him with an army of devoted acolytes ready to do his bidding. In their ancient, hidden stronghold in the Valley of Naji, they schemed their plans for world conquest

Naparski himself, however, was no true believer. And while he was not above taking pleasure in the more luxurious, hedonistic aspects of being a cult leader, that was not the ultimate purpose of his masquerade. Little is yet known of what his true agenda was, save that it was two-fold.
(In his own words, "There's two other reasons, big ones...")

It is unclear if there was ever a real Lord Saampa who Naparski supplanted, or if his followers were aware of his identity as Naparski.

According to the Broken Man, all this is somehow tied to the threat of the Oubor.