Starbright (S Siezmanski)

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Starbright (S Siezmanski)
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Status: Active
Real Name: "S" Siezmanski (born Simon Siezmanski)
Earliest Appearance: <in world date>
Origin: Astro City #16
Base of Operations: Astro City

Personal Data

Aliases: Simon Says, Starbright
Occupation: Former Supervillain
Eyes: Brown / Gold
Hair: Brown


Headlines: <in world date and Headline>
Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City #16

Event Timeline


The second and current Starbright is a former supervillain (and arch-nemesis of the original Starbright) who moved from her home town to Astro City in order to continue her predecessor's legacy.


As a teenager, Simon was an outcast and a prodigy, humiliated by his peers (such as being tied up to a town monument in a bra and tutu, while onlookers teased him for his apparent sexuality). He disappeared for several years before taking out his anger at his community, especially his peers at Markham High School, by pursuing a life of super-crime, gaining local notoriety as a mad scientist called Simon Says.

One evening, Simon proposed a 24-hour truce with the town's superhero, Starbright, in exchange for Starbright escorting some of Simon's old friends to a party for the scientist's upcoming sixteenth birthday. So, for an entire day, Simon assisted Starbright in locating dangers, thwarting criminals, and otherwise preventing all manner of disaster.

That evening, Simon hosted a party for the kids that had been his friends, and they seemed to actually enjoy the event (in part, for some, because Starbright was nearby as guard). At least one friend, a wheelchair-bound boy named Rick, even had an intimate conversation with Simon about what it was like to go through life being misunderstood or reduced to stereotypes.

After the party ended, Starbright tried once more to sway Simon to give up a life of super-crime. Simon responded with a half-hearted centrifuge trap, and after Starbright escaped, he advised Simon not to be the thing everyone misunderstood him to be, and then he wished Simon a happy birthday. It was the final conversation the two would have.

Within the next month, Starbright would be killed in an explosion, and his identity was revealed as football player Chet Markham. Simon was so profoundly stirred by the realization that Chet was nothing like the jock stereotype Simon had believed him to be that Simon decided to act on the advice Starbright provided in their final conversation.

Some time later, Simon would begin transitioning to womanhood, beginning a regimen of counseling and hormone treatments, ultimately circumventing surgery by undergoing a series of treatments that would both provide her with abilities like Starbright's and transform her body into the one with which she had always identified. She also tested out new names for herself (each beginning with "S"), including Sally and Sarah; on one occasion, she noted to her partner--her high school friend Rick, whose paralysis she had reversed through another Starbright-related process--that she couldn't bring herself to try the name "Simone," it being too close to her original name.

With the original Starbright's powers, S dedicated herself to making up for her former deeds, paying forward the compassion and help that Starbright had offered her. With the ability to impact lives on a global stage, S and Rick decided to move to Astro City, where they could interact with others who were used to superheroes and other unusual beings and phenomena.