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"Jack-in-the-Box debuted in 1964 -- or 1989, if one assumes that the current one is a different man."
--- Mr. Bridwell (Enelsian Spy)

Jack has indeed been around and about for a long time. His colorful exploits and cavalier fighting style continue to captivate and delight the citizens of Astro City. Especially the youth from the poorer, economically challenged neighborhoods. Jack defends their turf on a regular basis, he seems to be "one-of-them" in many ways. Most of his battles are with street thugs and the lower tier costumed villains; those more interested in get rich schemes rather than world conquering aspirations. He has a long list of adversaries, a gallery of rogues villains, equally as colorful and original as himself. But on occasions, some of the strangest characters cross his path, and the encounters can be downright bizarre.