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{{Image popup|Text|Filename|width=###|height=##|bgcolor=(color)|xtrnl=(condition)|link=(page)|alt=(text)}}

  • You may [[Link]] the Text.
  • Filename defaults to No_pic.jpg if not defined.
  • Default bgcolor is #FFFFFF Template:Popup white.
  • Default width is 300. (A width greater than 500 will likely end up off the page on smaller screens)
  • Default height is inherited based on width and size of image.
  • Default external condition is no. Acceptable true switches are: 1, on, true, y, yes
    • NOTE: External images do NOT follow the width rules, be sure to enter an appropriate width or your popup box size/border may be too small or too large.
  • link= & alt= cannot be used together. You can either specify a different page for the page to go to or a different text but not both.


  • {{Image popup|No_pic image on mouseover|No_pic.jpg}}
    • No_pic image on mouseover
  • {{Image popup|No_pic image on mouseover, 1/2 width, purple background|No_pic.jpg|width=150|bgcolor=purple}}
    • No_pic image on mouseover, 1/2 width, purple background
  • {{Image popup|External image on mouseover|http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/mediawiki/a/a9/Example.jpg|external=yes|width=400}}
  • {{Image popup|External image on mouseover, red background, too small of a box|http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/mediawiki
/a/a9/Example.jpg|xtrnl=y|bgcolor=red|width=200}} /a/a9/Example.jpg|xtrnl=y|bgcolor=red|width=500}}

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