The Myth-Master Incident

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Historical Highlights


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The Myth-Master Incident

The year 1964 was a low point in the dreary existence of animated character come-to-life, Loony Leo, until he came under the influences and evil guidance of the villain, Zzardo.

Zzardo offered Leo the chance to die as he wished if he would first agree to destroy Honor Guard. Loony Leo thus became the Myth-Master and conjured up figures from folklore and fiction to battle the super-team.

Even with Joe Magarac apparently switching sides, Honor Guard, with all of their powers and abilities couldn't overpower this collections of characters from fantasy, myth, and imagination. The Myth-Master captured them and used his innate powers to drain their psychic energies. But just as they were on the verge of fading from existence, he relented. He just couldn't kill them, or anyone for that matter. Loony Leo revealed his true identity and captured his henchman, Zzardo.

"I did the dialog okay, but I couldn't play the role, not fully."
-- Leo

The Silver Agent and the other heroes were sympathetic to Leo's plight, and even though a trial was scheduled, steps were taken to keep everything low key and "out of the papers."

The identity of the Myth-Master was never revealed to the general public.