Thomas Craig

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Thomas Craig
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Status: Active

Personal Data

Relationships: Alan Craig (uncle)
Occupation: United States Senator; Lawyer
Date of Birth: 1962 or in early 1963


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Silver Agent #1, 2

Event Timeline


Thomas Craig

The nephew of Alan Craig who became a United States Senator by the mid-2000s.


The time traveling Silver Agent confided his thoughts and his exploits that will happen in the future to ten year old Tommy, who looked up to his Uncle Alan as a hero. It was a lot for a ten year old to take it, knowing that his uncle was soon heading back to his cell to be executed. But not before instructing Tommy on where to place his journals in the support girders of the Calkins Bridge so that they would of use to people in the future.

On a snowy winter night in the mid-2000s, Thomas, now a United States Senator, met up with the backwards time-traveling Silver Agent, who told him where to meet him in 1973. The fact that Thomas was now older than his uncle was hard for him to get over, but he updated him on what everyone in the family was doing.