Andrew Eisenstein

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Andrew Eisenstein
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Status: (assumed) Retired from criminal activities
Real Name: Andrew Eisenstein

Personal Data

Aliases: "Eyes"
Occupation: former small time crook
Date of Birth: Early to Mid-1960s likely
Civil Status: Single


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1 #3

Event Timeline


Andrew Eisenstein

Andrew "Eyes" Eisenstein was a low-life stooge whose main talent was being the lookout man during criminal heists. One night he saw something he shouldn't have seen...


During one botched robbery attempt in October 1995, in which Eisenstein let the people pulling the heist get nabbed on his watch, Eisenstein escaped into Chesler's shadows. While up on the roofs in the darkness, he managed to catch Jack-in-the-Box changing into his civilian identity with a complete look at his face.
Eisenstein, at first was scared, but upon realizing Jack-in-the-Box didn't see him, but yet he saw who Jack-in-the-Box was, he felt on top of the world. And then by chance, he happened to catch Zachary Johnson in real life, with his wife television newscaster Tamra Dixon, which let him know the name of Jack-in-the-Box.


But he wasn't sure how to use this information. He thought he would be in the high life and able to sell out Jack-in-the-Box's identity. He thought about telling his criminal friends, the small time crooks known as Byoosik's Bumblers, but realized that they would just cut him out if he did help them. But the chance of Jack-in-the-Box arriving at the Craig Avenue Bar & Grill, where they were located, provided another timely out for Eisenstein.
Eisenstein thought about going straight to The Deacon, but he played out a likely scenario in his head. He figured The Deacon would just rough him up and beat the name out of him and Eisenstein wouldn't earn a penny.
Short on cash, he took a job with for the Middleman on Everett Pier unloading stolen Pyramid weaponry. As things were going on Jack-in-the-Box again broke up the illegal activities and had Eisenstein nabbed. By a stroke of luck, "Eyes" managed to break free of the harlequin hero's patented confetti and get off scott free.
But it all gave him time to think, with all the paranoia he ha going on in his mind, he was last seen leaving town on a bus headed for Alaska.