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Casual Reader Point-of-view perspectives:[edit]

  1. Teams are teams. This categorization applies to Villain teams as well as for Heroic teams.
  2. Heroic teams are still Heroes and should be categorized here and as Heroes so they can be found easily. Same thinking applies for Villains.

This is indeed a shift from how we were doing things in the past, but this is more user friendly.


--Infobroker (talk) 10:42, 14 September 2013 (PDT)

That sounds very reasonable. I'd say we can even get rid of "Teams" on the sidebar.

--Yiding (talk) 10:52, 14 September 2013 (PDT)

They got separated basically to serve as a distinction. I know we did list Villain Groups on the Villains page, but not Teams on the Heroes page, since Teams was a Category. Combining works, but would we need to have subcategories for hero teams and villain teams for differentiation?
To me The Unholy Alliance and the Terrifying Three off the top of my mind are the only villains that feel like "teams." The Iron Legion, Pyramid etc all feel like faceless groups, hence why I gave it that distinction on the old way.

--Astrozac (talk) 15:59, 15 September 2013 (PDT)