Commando K

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Commando K
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Status: Possibly Deceased
Earliest Appearance: 1950

Personal Data


First Mentioned: Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1 #2

Event Timeline


Commando K

Either one or a group of Korean War-era heroes who were "lost" near Pyongyang. Slugger the Junior Dynamo was rumored to have been a part of the Commando K project.


Presumably in the early 1950s, Commando K confronted Dr. Gearbox in Alaska. Though, the doctor was trying to escape and defect from Soviet Russia, his intentions were misinterpreted by U.S. authorities. Commando K destroyed Fafnir, a dragon like robot creation built by Dr. Gearbox during the skirmish.

Speculations, Theories

It's not known for sure if Commando K was just one hero or a group of some kind of advanced soldiers. The headline is vague. And the mention in A Visitor's Guide about Slugger being a part of the project again could mean that the project was an elite unit of soldiers.

Also unknown is whether or not getting "lost" was Commando K's final fate or merely a temporary one.