Goldenglove (Yolanda Costello)

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Goldenglove (Yolanda Costello)
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Status: Unknown
Real Name: Yolanda Costello
Earliest Appearance: 1998
Base of Operations: Kiefer Square

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 1983


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #15, 17, 18, 20

Event Timeline


Goldenglove (Yolanda Costello)

"She was a real pistol." -- Steeljack


While her father, the original Goldenglove was in jail, young Yolanda tinkered with his gloves, discovering new powers beyond those ever displayed by her father. Rescuing them after his death, she embarked upon a career of crime. She almost became another victim of the Kiefer Square Killer before being saved by Steeljack's interventions.

Thanks to Steeljack, her life moved in a very positive direction. She uses the powers given to her by her gloves to break up crime operations and take down small time super-villains. She also works with and for the community, running a youth gym and working to revitalize the Irregulars. She checks in on Steeljack from time to time, sharing stories about kids at-risk, the local crime scene and trying to help people stay straight. In the aftermath of Steeljack's investigation of former villains framed for various crimes, she provided evidence which was instrumental in clearing him of charges of murder.


The gloves are alien artifacts taken from a crashed spaceship. With them, she derives super-strength, flight, laser beams, sound-dampening and the ability to create smoke screens. She is also able to sustain increased amounts of damage while wearing them.


Under Detective Ruiz's guidance she enrolled in a vocational school and was interested in studying engineering. In early 1999, she was rumored to have been in training with the Irregulars(now disbanded).