Hiram Baker

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Hiram Baker
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Status: Deceased
Earliest Appearance: 1860s
Base of Operations: Romeyn Falls

Personal Data


First Mentioned: Astro City: A Visitor's Guide

Event Timeline


Hiram Baker

Hiram Baker, a former slave, settled in Romeyn Falls. His farmland would one day form the nucleus of where the modern day Bakerville neighborhood is located today.


Facing racial harassment from those not wanting free blacks settling in the area, Baker stood his ground. Some legends say he was protected by voodoo magic, others say it was the spirit of the city that shielded him and his friends.


For whatever reason, he and the other freedmen who settled near him thrived.

Speculations, Theories

Could the mysterious powers associated with the silver minerals from Mount Kirby have some association with Hiram and those around him? Was that the real "voodo"? Did Hiram find or build a hidden passageway and perhaps mine some of the silver, thus explain his modest wealth? Finally, like the Silver Agent, did an offspring of Hiram or one of his friends, somehow become affected by the strange minerals. Could Mister Cakewalk be that special offspring?