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List of Civilians Notes Creator Salute
Dr. Simon Belfi
A police forensic scientist in the early 1970s. First seen in Astro City: Local Heroes #4. Artist John Belfi.

Professor Dallis
A law school professor of Vince Oleck. Mentioned in Astro City: Local Heroes #5. Rex Morgan creator Nicholas Dallis.

Felton Dirks
An early 20th century artist, whose work was seen in Astro City: A Visitor's Guide. Likely after early cartoonists Richard Felton Outcault and Rudolph Dirks, known for The Yellow Kid and The Captain and the Kids respectively.

Nick DiPreta
An associate or adviser to the Forgione crime family. Mentioned Astro City: Local Heroes #4. Artist Tony DiPreta.

Senator Friedrich
A senator who in 1972 labeled the Apollo Eleven as possible terrorists leading the way for an alien invasion. Likely a U.S. Senator. Ghost Writer creator and writer Gary Friedrich.

Dr. Gould
Ax expert witness on possessions in the superhuman and spiritual natures, called by Vince Oleck, in his famous superhuman defense case. Seen in Astro City: Local Heroes #5. Dick Tracy creator Chester Gould.

Robert Haney
A 26 year old citizen of Goldwater Heights in the late 1960s. Likely from a well-off family and related to/or the same person as Senator Haney. First mentioned Astro City: Beautie #1. DC Comics writer Robert Haney.

Jack Meskin
A staff reporter for the Astro City Rocket from 1934 through at least 1959. After witnessing the Silver Agent bust up a gang of bank robbers, junior reporter Elliot Mills thought he had a story, but had to relinquish it to the senior Meskin, who was also in the area at the time. Seen Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.1 #2. The name Meskin is likely a reference to Golden/Silver Age cartoonist/artist Mort Meskin.

Suzzie Mortellaro
A woman kidnapped in late 1976 that Street Angel and Black Velvet were seeking out. First mentioned Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #1. Silver Age artist and inker Tony Mortellaro.

Walter Overgard
A detective with the Astro City Police Department in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Seen in Astro City: Local Heroes #4. Cartoonist William Overgard.

Ed Robbins
A former Arizona police captain who worked with Supersonic on several cases. Seen in Astro City Special Supersonic. He could be a nod to Golden Age artist Frank Robbins or artist Ed Robbins.

Inspector Saaf
A member of the Internal Affairs department in the 1970s for the A.C.P.D. He tried to get Charles Williams to give information about payoffs. Golden Age artist Art Saaf.

Dr. F. Wortham
A doctor at an Astro City hospital. Oversaw the recovery of Manny Monkton after his encounter with Glowworm (as suggested by Wortham's name on Monkton's medical chart). Seen in Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #21. Named after 1950s psychiatrist, comic book critic, and author of Seduction of the Innocent Frederic Wertham.