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Vince Oleck
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Personal Data

Relationships: Maria (Wife)

Jeremy (Son)

Occupation: Law Professor


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Local Heroes #4, 5

Event Timeline


Vince Oleck

In an act of panic driven desperation, Vince Oleck conceives the infamous "superhuman defense," a strategy of applying techniques that occur in super-hero situations to common domestic level criminal activities.


Vince Oleck, a lawyer with the law firm Grant, Miller, Healy and Valada drew the unfortunate task of defending Richard Forgione in a murder case. Vince believed this was probably a grudge gesture done in retribution because he acidentally side-swiped old man Grant's car in the parking lot.

Regardless, it was now his case and all evidence, alleged or otherwise was stacked heavily against his client.

Richard Forgione had supposedly murdered Lisette Palais at a trendy nightclub on March 15,1974. He did this in front of over 50 witnesses. His cavalier attitude also provided a tremendous amount of additional evidence. Some circumstantial, but most of it hard and very damaging. The first day of testimony appeared the most damning. Every prosecution witness in the cross-examination seemed to hurt Vince's case even more. He even snapped on Junior Forgione that he had advised them to take the deal offered by the prosecution. He was warned by his friend Joshua Stone, an Astro City police officer, to keep clear of Junior Forgione and the Forgiones as best as possible.

Laying in bed that night he got to thinking about something his wife had casually mentioned about how his job would be easier if it would have involved a superhero. The next morning was when Vince unleashed his brazen strategy. Recalling Detective Walter Overgard, he made the detective recall an episode involving The Doppel Gang and asked whether he had checked on their location the night of the murder. Next he brought police forensic scientist, Dr. Simon Belfi back. This time he recalled the time that Julius Furst was accused of stealing nuclear secrets to a foreign power and asked Dr. Belfi what eventually became of that. Dr. Belfi revealed that it was actually Furst's evil twin from another dimension, The Worst Family who had committed the crime. As the courtroom became more and more intrigued and now second guessing themselves, he recalled the Medical Examiner of Romeyn County, Dr. Giunta to the stand. Vince had Dr. Giunta recall the strange case of Supersonic in 1966, in which the hero was apparently killed by Lady Lethal. Supersonic had no pulse, heartbeat and massive blood loss, with holes through him the size of a fist with extensive organ damage Dr. Giunta told the court that as he was about ready to start the autopsy, Supersonic just woke up and left. Vince shocked the court when he asked Dr. Giunta, who preformed the autopsy on Lisette Palais, if he was positively sure she was really dead?

Vince applied the world of superhumans elements into a regular human level court case, with clones, evil twins and resurrections of the diagnosed dead, in attempts to enter doubt into a jury's decision processes. There was also the matter of the the recent events leading to the wrongful execution of the Silver Agent. His tactics worked, sending the courtroom into hysteria, all to the delight of his client and the client's mob leader father, Junior Forgione. Forgione insisted that Vince would henceforth work for his organization personally and directly. Vince refused, which led to Forgione threatening Vince and his young family.

Vince then entered into a world of dark despair. Conflicting emotions over his job and the right vs wrong. He tried to get the judge and his firm to dismiss him from the case, but both refused. He brought up more witnesses to help his case, in his own words, "he was stalling for time."

Still having horrific dreams involving The Blue Knight and having a talk with Maria, who insisted he not throw the case. They worked out a plan on the day of closing arguments. The jury came back with a not guilty verdict in less than two hours and before he could even get one congratulations, Vince hightailed it out of the courthouse. Putting no time or notice in for leave, he just knew he had to run.

Thinking he had outran them, the Forgione's agents found him twice. In a cabin in the upper Michigan peninsula, with mobsters outside, Vince heard gunshots, running outside, he encountered the Blue Knight. Revealing himself, Vince seemed to know it was really Josh, who took up the Blue Knight in revenge for his son being killed in a stray gunfight between gangs. The Forgiones were also found dead back in Astro City no doubt the work of The Blue Knight as well, enabling Vince to safely go back home.

After a few years, Vince eventually burned out at the law firm and by 1982 became a professor teaching Criminal Law.


Oleck is a reference to horror and comics writer Jack Oleck.


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