Richard Forgione

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Richard Forgione
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Status: Deceased
Real Name: Richard Duncan Forgione
Affiliation: member of the East Side Mob, also called the Forgione Mob. His father was the gang leader.
Base of Operations: East Side, Astro City
Range of Operations: same

Personal Data

Relationships: Dominic "Junior" Forgione (father)
Occupation: mobster
Height: x’x”
Weight: xx lbs


Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City: Local Heroes #4, 5

Event Timeline

1974/08/16     Flashback


Richard Forgione

Second son of "Junior" Forgione, the reputed East side mob boss, Richie was believed to be a member of the Forgione Mob.


On March 15, 1974, Richard Forgione and his date, Lisette Palais, were dining at Tallarico's restaurant, when an argument erupted. It quickly escalated into a physical assault and before anyone could step in, Richie savagely bludgeoned her to death.

A few months later, the case went to trial. Evidence mounted heavily against him, especially since over fifty people witnessed the brutal murder unfold. It seemed he was destined to lose his case and probably his life to a rookie prosecuting attorney. Yet his trial proved noteworthy, as his lawyer, Vince Oleck, shrewdly contrived the now well known "superhero defense." Using wild suppositions, fantastic prior events, and taking advantage of the sensitive times following the death of the Silver Agent, Vince swayed the jury to return a not guilty verdict. Forgione got off scott-free.

Shortly thereafter, Richard and his father were killed, apparently by the Blue Knight.

Speculations, Theories

Vince Oleck noted that Richie was likely a psychopath, based on his murdering of Palais and his seemingly normal calm state any other time.

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