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Hmmmm... this entry needs some attention and work.

The Rex section seems backwards, it shouldn't start with the marriage.

The Expanding the Family section is pretty much a rehash of information covered in the First Family entry. Beside this and other sections of the page (the bulk of it) isn't very representative of Natalie's character, her role with the team, or topics commonly mentioned for other Herocopia entries. It's heavy into cataloging baby births, boy friends, and wedding dates. Not that the later stuff isn't important to mention, but I don't think it deserves so much real estate. It also makes me wonder, if this is hew we choose to represent Natalie, why are we not doing the same with Rex? --Infobroker

The paragraph or two about Astra don't belong here. They are already covered on her entry page.


Mr. Smartie Notes: I'm putting Mr. Smarty marker here to remind me to get back to this...