The Dancing Master

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The Dancing Master
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Status: Active
Earliest Appearance: <in world date>
Origin: <issue(s)>
Base of Operations: The Old Lands

Personal Data

Aliases: Al-la-lil-il, the Morning Brother; Xitu of the Evening Light; The Nurturer; The Spark-Blower; The Robed God; Pendifisciarni, the Fisher of Hearts


Event Timeline


The Dancing Master


  • Emotional Amplification: The Dancing Master is capable of intensifying feelings of affection and love in people. He cannot force people to act against their nature, but if a person has had romantic feelings towards anybody who is still alive, he can amplify that emotion to the point where it overrides all other motivations.
  • Invisibility and Intangibility: The Dancing Master is capable of rendering himself undetectable by normal sight and technological sensors.


  • The Dancing Master claims to have taught the stars to dance. This suggests immortality.
  • He speaks of others existing in a place called the Old Lands. This may mean that he is not a unique demigod being, but part of a larger community with powers of similar scope and magnitudes.
  • He arrived in Astro City due to laboratory experiments aimed at locating dimensional pinholes. This suggests that the Old Lands are probably located in another dimension.
  • He claims to have been called to earth. The desire to love and be loved, combined with the dimensional pinholes, drew him to our dimension and space within.

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