The Dragon Shogun

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The Dragon Shogun
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Status: Deceased
Real Name: Leyasu Takamura
Affiliation: leader of the Dragon Society
Base of Operations: Japan

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First Mentioned: Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #2

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The Dragon Shogun

The international crime lord that was head of the Dragon Society and who was also the father of the Jade Dragons.


He was part of a legend that his power would be transferred to his oldest child when he died and when he was killed by rival Yakuza, the prophecy came true. The power he had was split between his two children Gary Samuel Novak (Hokkaido) and Keiko Shimasa Takamura, who were both born at the same time though on separate continents.


It's unknown exactly what power he held exactly but his children have heightened strength, speed and reflexes, along with a resistance to injury and ability to heal from wounds.

Additionally when the line up their complementary tattoos, they are able to project a green dragon, in energy form, that they can command, giving a hint of the Shogun's true power. Though they can't fully use their power, unless they are both together.

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