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Status: Deceased
Earliest (in world) Appearance: <in world date>
Origin: Astro City #17

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Headlines: <in world date and Headline>
Appearances (in Publication Order): Astro City No.17

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Krigari Ironhand was a tyrant of the Moleculands and an enemy of Earth's mightiest heroes, Honor Guard.



Krigari was born in the Unterverse, a microscopic layer of reality smaller than Subatomia or even Quarkadia. In Krigari's homeland, combat was paramount and ubiquitous: every creature was expected to fight or die. As he fought, Krigari learned that the act of battle was a kind of nutrition that sustained and nourished him, making him grow and become stronger and smarter.

Krigari's conquests were so many and so vast that, as he defeated and killed hundreds, thousands, and millions, he grew beyond the worlds of his youth until he razed his way through the Quarkrealms, defeating the RGBs of Dexitor, the Star-Spanning Empire of the CMYK, and the Hrunti Systems, all while expanding the size and power of his armada from among those defeated forces who'd fought the hardest against him.

The QuiQui-A foresaw his arrival from three levels of reality away. Realizing that there was no one in the path between Krigari and themselves, they prepared for their inevitable defeat.

One of the Quiqui-a, Eth, approached Krigari in the guise of Druin the Seer, and told Krigari of omens about Honor Guard, the heroes who--according to Druin--would eventually defeat him.

Krigari decided to test that claim and sought out Honor Guard at numerous occasions, using information provided by Druin to hopefully overcome the heroes. First, he attacked them at their original headquarters in the Samachson Cliffs near Shadow Hill; later, he attempted to capture each member one by one (being foiled by the efforts of Mermaid). At another point, Krigari sought to confine them in the Catacombs of Uta-Long. Krigari might have been victorious save for the unexpected arrival of Derelikt. On another occasion, Krigari gained control over the United States' nuclear arsenal and nearly obliterated the planet. At every turn, he was thwarted, but still he resolved himself to defeat Honor Guard, until it was his one driving motivation.

Krigari took his forces and, using Q-bombardment, punched a hole in reality and formed a gateway into the Non, a kind of resting place for obliterated universes. There, Krigari pursued a relentless and seemingly unedning battle with the Non's undead guardians until he located the Black Opal, a gem that would supposedly make him immortal and unstoppable, but it had a reputation for being potentially deadly to anyone who touched it. Krigari was immune to that threat.

Krigari's armada invaded Earth, and when Honor Guard broached his command ship to stop him, the hero Stormhawk grabbed the Black Opal. Krigari attempted to kill Stormhawk, but his attack left Stormhawk alive long enough to shatter the Black Opal. The resulting explosion killed both Stormhawk and Krigari.


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