Hummingbird (Barbara Hammacher)

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Hummingbird (Barbara Hammacher)
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Status: Retired
Real Name: Barbara Hammacher
Earliest Appearance: 1964
Affiliation: former Honor Guard member

Personal Data

Relatives: she has a daughter who has inherited the name and powers of Hummingbird.


Appearances (in Publication Order): Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 #13, 16, 19

Astro City: The Dark Age Book One #4
Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #1
Astro City: Beautie #1
Astro City: Silver Agent #2
Astro City #25

Event Timeline


A flying hero who was a member of Honor Guard. She joined somewhere in the mid-1960s.


While she has long since retired, since 2008 her daughter has taken up the mantle of Hummingbird.


She wears a flight suit, and carries a small gun which is called a "buzz-ray." Based on a comment made by the modern Hummingbird, it may be a sonic weapon of some sort.