Rise of Kerresh the Devastator

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The transformation of The Incarnate Into His Kerresh Persona[edit]

The Pyramid organization had taken a serious interest in the Apollo Eleven and how their powers interconnected to the Incarnate. Through a series of tracking techniques and conniving manuevers they captured 8 members.

Pyramid also stole the Innocent Gun from the First Family's Headquarters in a daring mission on the evening of May 2, 1982.

The other members of the Apollo Eleven attempted a rescue of their team mates, but instead were also captured. Pyramid under the guidance of the Sekhmet Stone, wanted to harness the power of the Incarnate for their own evil purposes. They used their KA-Cannon on the members of Apollo Eleven, not realizing the consequences. The sinister use of force by humans on the representatives from The Continuum brought forth the destructive persona known as Kerresh the Devastator. Kerresh, unlike the Incarnate's other personalities could communicate with humans. He also choose more substantial material like steel and concrete as the main elements of his bodily construction.

Astro City was also abuzz with the purported return of the Silver Agent on May 3 at 10:22 AM in the area of the Romeyn Falls. There was a huge spectacle with crowds, dignitaries and all sorts of media outlets. The Agent did indeed return at the designated time and place, meeting up with the First Family and Honor Guard.

The Wrath of Kerresh[edit]

Five years before, the mystic Simon Magus had predicted an incident similar in nature to something like Kerresh's arrival. He warned that humanity as a whole would be seen as a threat to the stability of the galactic community.

As, the Silver Agent returned to this from the future, one of his "crisis points," he started to organize the teams and to start fixing the damage. He had Honor Guard start to contain Kerresh, while sending the Fursts to look for ways to help stop Kerresh and sent Nick Furst to see if the Innocent Gun was still at the First's HQ, which they discovered was missing.

The Omega Rangers were charged with rescuing the Apollo Eleven and then continue the assault at Pyramids's command changer in Astro City. Meanwhile, the now freed Apollo Eleven together, challenge for destructive force of Kerresh. As the various battles raged on, the heroes were containing Kerresh, while the Rangers had made their way to Pyramid's command chamber at their Astro City base. The Point Man found the Innocent Gun and headed back toward the battle scene with Kerresh.

It was here the Point Man used the gun, which was to only be fired once, by a pure being and at the one true target, even with Grimoire trying to advise him otherwise. It was successful in that it got rid of Kerresh, but also caused unforeseen actions.


The immediate aftermath featured a rip in reality near the battle scene, which had caused hundreds of deaths. The Silver Agent, Dr. Furst, N-Forcer and others worked to find a solution and were able to contain the tear in reality, mostly thanks to advanced schematics the Silver Agent acquired in his time traveling adventures from the future. N.R. Gistics were able to work on it further which many called the "Cosmic Spackle," holding the reality together.

The Apollo Eleven were no more, as the actions of Pyramid and the Point Man, depowered them and returned them to their human forms. The Sekmeht Stone, the mysteriously powered source of Pyramid's leadership, was captured into E.A.G.L.E. custody but had gone inert and lifeless.

Within the week, the First Family along with Starwoman using her clout as being part of the K'ntarian royal family were making a trip to visit The Continuum and come to peace with the group, trying to prove humanity's worth.

The continued death and destruction, kept the mood of the city somewhat shaky and not trusting of the superheros, like it had been since the early 70s. The lack of understanding and faith kept the dark shadows creeping in...