Astro City: The Flip Book

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Story Title: "On Mulberry Street: A Prelude"

Cover Date: June 2004

Cover Price: $2.95

Credits: Kurt Busiek (Writer), Brent Anderson (Art), Alex Ross (Cover Art), Wendy Broome (Colors), John Roshell and Comic Comicraft (Lettering and Design), Ben Abernathy (Editor), Kristy Quinn (Editor), Ann Huntington Busiek (Managing Editor)

Publisher: Homage/Cliffhanger (Wildstorm and DC Comics Imprints)

Appearances: Charles Williams*, Royal Williams*, Honor Guard (Cleopatra I, Kitkat, Leopardman, Max O'Millions, The N-Forcer, The Silver Agent, Starwoman), Pyramid, The Black Badge*
* denotes first appearance

Mentions: Kroseth, Commissar Hammer & The Steel Sickle, Beast-Men, The Stone Gang, The All-American, Slugger

Narrative Voice: Charles Williams

Date of Story: October 14, 1959

Collected Edition: The Dark Age Book One: Brothers and Other Strangers

Events: This issue's Events & Annotations list.

Note: This was a flip book that featured a short Astro City story and Arrowsmith #0, a story previously only available online. Plus maps, sketches and an interview with Kurt.