Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol.2 No.6

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Story Title: "The Gathering Dark"

Cover Date: February 1997

Cover Price: $2.50

Credits: Kurt Busiek (Writer), Brent Anderson (Pencils), Alex Ross (Cover), Will Blyberg (Inker), Comicraft's John Roshell (Lettering and Design), Alex Sinclair (Colors), Ann Huntington Busiek (Managing Editor), Jonathan Peterson (Editor)

Publisher: Homage Comics(Image Comics Imprint)

Appearances: The Gunslinger*, The Confessor (Jeremiah Parrish), Altar Boy, Samaritan, Juice, Crackerjack, Quarrel (Jessica Darlene Taggart), The Hanged Man, Mordecai Chalk*, Mayor Stevenson*, Winged Victory, Jack-in-the-Box (Zachary Johnson), E.A.G.L.E.*, Honor Guard (Beautie, Black Rapier, Cleopatra (Sarah Brandeis), M.P.H., The N-Forcer, Quarrel, Samaritan), The Frigians*, The Thermians*, The First Family (Astra Furst, Augustus Furst, Julius Furst, Natalie Furst, Nick Furst, Rex), The Crossbreed (Daniel,David, Joshua, Mary, Peter), The Irregulars (Juice, Palmetto, Ruby)
* denotes first appearance

Mentions: Shadow Hill Killer

Narrative Voice: Altar Boy

Date of Story: Takes place around July 14th to the 27th of 1997. This is approximately a week or so after the events in #5.

Reprinted: Confession

Events: This issue's Events & Annotations list.