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See also Honor Guard Cases and Adventures during the years of 1959 to 1973 in which he was an almost constant member over those years.




Late Summer/Early Fall:

October 14:


  • Battled with Tommy Gunn at some point and this is where Gunn lost his hand.[4]


April 26:


April 7:

  • Helps restore order to Bakerville after riots and looting in reaction to the death of Martin Luther King.[6]





  • Brainwashed he apparently murders the Mad Maharajah and escapes from a jail in Paris, France.[8]
  • A few days or a week or so later, he fights with a mentally controlled Starfighter and defeats him before turning himself in.[9]




Late January:

  • Another time-traveling jump, to help contain Black Velvet during the 1977 Gang War, after her darkness powers flood the Astro City populace and start causing chaos. He ends up killing the wounded Black Velvet, easing her pain and stops the madness that had descended on the city.[11]


May 3:


July 18-Early August:

  • His first time-traveling stop coming back from the future and the biggest crisis point in which he was needed at. He arrives in Las Vegas and helps Mirage and Hellhound defeat the Dynamoids, before heading to Astro City.[14][15] See the Final Crisis Point.

Future Years Up to the 43rd Century[edit]

43rd Century[edit]

  • For five years fought with the Silver Centurions against the iGod and eventually stopped the artificial intelligence from "hanshakking" more worlds to its collective.[17]

Unknown Dates[edit]

  • Tangled with the Balloon Bandits at some point. Likely late 1950s/early 60s.[18]
  • Fought with a pair of green alien like characters in appearance. Likely sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s.[19]
  • Tangled with the Steel-Jacketed Man for the first of presumably many times, likely sometime in the Late 1960s.[20]
  • Clashed with Bamboo and her criminal operations at some point. Likely 1970-1972.[21]
  • Rescued a mob leader's missing child and stopped a gang war. Sometime prior to early 1973.[22]
  • Was part of the Forgotten Time Crisis and was seen battling a Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as fighting off unseen and unknown dangers to the timestream.[23]


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